Hitting the road again soon. Till then a few pics from nature around!

I have such a strong desire to travel that even though I have to study for my state exams to take my bachelor degree, I just can’t stop thinking about my next travel experience coming in a month. Exactly, I just booked flight tickets to explore Montenegro with a few stops on the way in Prague, Dubrovnik and Rome. Till then I can only show you a few pictures from my last days. All of them were mostly about the nature! Well, nature is stunning all the time and I could spend every minute in such a nice and pure nature.

First my friend and me decided to head to Hainburg from Bratislava just out of the blue. Why not? Transport takes only 20 minutes (more or less) and it is so nice there. You can visit the old ruin of Hainburg castle or hike to other side of the town with a nice view. We did the first – climbing the hill to see a view from castle… I love spontaneous trips!

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Budapest in 2 days.

Budapest – the capital of Hungary is place one has to see at least once. Huge Danube river divides Budapest into two parts, Buda and Pest. It’s hard to say which part is better considering the Buda castle and Fishmen Bastion in Buda side, while Parliament and old town in Pest side, so I suppose they are really lucky to have these parts all together!

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Real paradise: MADEIRA ~ Part I.

There is an island. Island which is closer to Africa than Europe, but belonging to Portugal. With awesome fruit, flowers and a lot of amazing landscapes. While driving old roads, tooting is necessary if you don’t want to have an accident. Curves can be pretty sharp here, but the view occuring everywhere … You just need to experience it on your own :).

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City of pilgrims: Santiago de Compostela

Capital of Galicia in north-west part of Spain is well-known not only among pilgrims. The old town belongs to World Heritage List of UNESCO from 1985. We didn’t have that much time to explore this historical city since we had only 4-5 hours of free time. Anyway it was enough time to understand why is Santiago de Compostela considered as one of the holiest city (within Christian faith). Soooo, what you should visit in Santiago?


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What to do in Marseille?

Even you are living in completely new city for you, it’s impossible to stay just there. Especially when you LOVE travel. What perfectly suits to this hobby is the price of lowcost airlines flight tickets. That’s how we ended in Marseille, France.

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Yeah, BUM. Because everything is happening just like that – BUM. While spending 8 hours at the Brussel’s airport waiting for the flight back to Porto, a lot of things can happen. But sometimes not. This night I met a few really interesting people and my point of view about some topics changed back to normal. Finally. Continue reading

Nightlife & People of PORTO.

Such an interesting thing happend a few days after my last blogpost about Porto. My friends and me were sitting in front of Adega Leonor (the place in Piolho where all the students meet before going out – something like warm-up place, which I really like) when suddenly the portuguese students in black coats come to us. And started to sing and play for us. Two of them were especially nice to us, so we could wear their “harry potter” black coats!

Nobody is looking, but you can see the coats at least! :)

Nobody is looking, but you can see the coats at least! 🙂

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One month in Porto.

My journey finally started! I know, it was a long time since I posted something on my blog… Forgive me, I was exploring my new home :).

However, after a whole month here, let me write some personal observations. A month is pretty long time to see not only the best things about the new place you currently live in – you will also find out a lot of things you are not used to, or you just don’t like.


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Monday: A day “full of trains”

This post is little bit offtopic, but still slightly about traveling. Let me tell you a story what happend to me yesterday… (SK below)


Monday morning – mildly cold, balmy sun rays and just a few people outside. The train delays again. Kamila would like to catch the train even if she is not so sure it’s doable. Then she calls the taxi to have more time. “Are you able to be here in 5 minutes?” The dispatcher tells her “For sure, the black taxi is coming for you”.

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